The French bulldog is a very interesting breed to have. Several features and information about the French bulldog make it stand out. This article will analyze these features to be well informed about your favorite dog breed.

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They are small size

The breed is small and depends on their sex. They weigh about 16-28 pounds. However, there is a high tendency that they could be overweight hence you have to watch their diet.


French bulldogs would usually live between the age of 10 to 14 years. This is actually due to their many health issues. Hence their life expectancy is lower than other dog breeds.


As mentioned in the introduction, the Frenchie is developed from the English bulldog. They began to be well-known in the 19th century.

Family dog

The physical appearance of the French bulldog is not generally friendly, but the French bulldog is a family and trusted dog. It soon starts to know all the family members and are very good with children.

When it comes to loyalty, the French bulldog is the best that can offer you that. It loves doing outdoor games.

Short and fine hair

The fascinating feature of the French bulldog is its short and fine hair. These hairs make the dog adorable and easily adaptable to high and low temperatures. But you have to ensure not to expose your Frenchie to extreme cold or hot temperatures. Ensure not to ignore these temperatures as they are dangerous.

Routine care

Your Frenchie will not survive if you do not provide routine care. For example, your French bulldog will need you to brush its hair at least once a week and make it delicate and silky.

Apart from its hair, it would help if you regularly cleaned its teeth with recommended past at least a few days weekly. Ears and toes need regular care too.


Another fantastic fact about the color is that the Frenchie comes in white, creamy, and brown shade colors. They also come in unique and shining black colors.

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French bulldogs have low gravity and a generally compact body. It has a flat head that is square like in nature.

Unique ears

Frenchie’s ears are large, round, and straight up. They make the French bulldog look more like a bat.


They are warm and friendly dogs who are always in a cheerful mood. They are loyal and become very sad when they are left alone. They are very attached to humans.


Yes, you have heard of how

friendly the Frenchie is. But stubbornness is also one of its unique features. They are known to analyze a situation and make their own decision. The point is that the Frenchie always loves to play a trick on you.

Unique illness

Frenchie is prone to some illnesses, and this illness is related to body structure and bone. Some of these are retinal atrophy and shoulder and hip dysplasia; they reduce its quality of life and sometimes endanger its life altogether.

Life conditions

They like staying indoors. Except, of course, when you take them for a walk. They don’t need a big space to breed. All they need is attention and love from you as the owner.


Frenchie hardly barks. The noise you can hear from them is snoring when they are sleeping. If you hear your French bulldog barking, it is more likely to announce somebody approaching and not a sign of aggression.


The French bulldog originated in England. This can look funny because it is a French bulldog; meanwhile, it has a different origin.

The French bulldogs are cousins to the English bulldogs, and they are descendants of the Bullenbeisser sport dogs. This bullenveisser breed is a subfamily from the ancient Greet Molossian breed used for baiting bulls.

Bloodsports were then outlawed in England in 1835. Then there was the emergence of the English bulldog to be a companion dog. These dogs were bred with terriers and Pugs to reduce their size.

The size of these bulldogs made them popular among the lace workers in Nottingham. This was because they helped to warm up the laps of these workers all day and helped to rid the workshop of rats at night.

However, when laceworks were mechanized in England during the Industrial Revolution, many workers immigrated to France and took their pups.

With this information, you will relate to your Frenchie very well. Knowing how special your dog is, is an excellent way to be the perfect dog parent.


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