Upon the purchase of a new pet, there are many essential variables to consider. From choosing healthy and nutritious pet food to identifying an excellent veterinary hospital and professional to regularly visit. This is amidst every other emotional and physical care of your dog that you are expected to tend to. Similarly, one also has to consider the type of leash for their dog carefully.

This is because specific leashes can pose potential dangers to your pet and you, regardless of the pattern used in holding the pet leash or leash training your Pet has received. This article will let you know the three most important reasons why you should not use retractable leashes for your furry friend.

What Are Retractable Leashes?

Retractable leashes are usually a thin layer of cord attached to a spring-loaded device, mainly in a plastic handle that fits comfortably into your hands. Such a leash has a button on the handle that determines the length of the cord that would extend when worn on the dog. The further the cord extends, the less confined your dog is to walking close to you. Usually, some of these cords can extend up to 26 feet. Unlike traditional leashes with standard loops that can fit and be worn on the wrists, retractable leashes do not have this feature. This makes it easy to drop them accidentally. Although retractable leashes are relatively very convenient to use, their dangers far outweigh the convenience gained through their use.

Dangers of Retractable Leashes

  1. Retractable Leashes Can Cause Injuries to both the Pet and the Pet Owner

Certain minor injuries such as burns, cuts, or neck or shoulder injuries to your Pet are more familiar with retractable leashes than with the use of the regular leash. The cord of a retractable leash is thin, and therefore it has the tendency to snap, break, or fray (become weak and break as a result of a malfunction or constant use). This happens most especially when your dog either suddenly chases after a squirrel or is engaged in an altercation with another dog making your dog run off at full speed. When this happens, the cord can also recoil back at the owner, causing an injury on any part of the body, especially on the face. Also, when the cord gets wrapped around the finger of the owner, it could result in the forceful amputation of the digits.

Also, your dog can be put in danger if given too much leeway and freedom to walk away from you. The Pet can wander off into the road and be put in danger of being run over by oncoming vehicles.

  1. The Handle of a Retractable Leash is Usually Too Bulky

Retractable Leash handles are made thick and bulky to suit adult-like hands, unlike the traditional leashes with a simple loop small enough to fit into a child’s hand. Since the plastic handles of retractable leashes are thick and complex, making them difficult to grip. When your Pet suddenly lunges out to chase after a squirrel or another dog, the handle can be flung out of your grip, which can hit your dog and injure the Pet severely, or your dog can even get lost after taking off.

  1. Using Retractable Leashes Teaches your Dog Poor Walking Skills

A dog ought to learn that it should walk calmly beside its owner when out on a walk. Naturally, leashes are supposed to be slack, giving the dog enough room to explore but not too much freedom. This sort of freedom is controlled instead of the freedom given to a dog on a retractable leash. With the retractable leash, the dog learns that all it needs to do to get free is pull on the leash, and this portends more danger to your dog, especially to seniors, small breed dogs, and dogs that have spinal issues.

Overall, it is safer and more practical to use the traditional leash with a simple loop for your dog, especially when leash training your dog. Dogs that are leashed trained with retractable leashes sometimes tend to become overly aggressive because of the frustration experienced through the constant tugging of the leash on their neck. Your dog’s overall well-being should be your top priority, so it is best not to use a retractable leash for your dog.  


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