About American Pets Shop

We are innovative and creative merchants of best quality pet Dog products with the combination of Pet Lover’s Fashion and Style. We put our passion into what we do, the creativity and innovativeness is part and parcel of our true essence.


Our goal is to make available the most cost-effective, user utility-based, and best quality pet products to the most people across the globe. Our love for dogs is rapidly driving us to the peak of excellence.


We are your American Pets Shop – Your one-stop for all pet dog items.

Our line of dog products is the innovative and creative expression of what we consider most desirable and appealing for your dog and for all Dog Lovers:

  • Achieving The Perfect Pet Dog Lover Look That Subtly Impresses;
  • Enhancing Your Pet’s Wellbeing And Ecstasy Through Fashion Forward And Treat-Oriented Products;
  • Designing And Developing Purposive Products For Your Dog’s Unique Needs; And Delivering Superior Quality That Stands Far Above The Rest.

We understand how important and beloved pets are. Hence, our mission is to translate this knowledge to becoming a resourceful hub for most useful pet dog products that are industry leaders.

This results in our brand image being renowned for providing super-quality dog products that we totally believe in and have been serving the best interest of our customers since our foundation.

We are establishing a culture of excellence by our name, The American Pets Shop.

Why Buy From The American Pets Shop?

We Are Inspired:

American Pets Shop is inspired by your love for pet dogs, which reflects an appreciation of the nature and uniqueness of our pets . We are aware that dogs are great companions and should be well cared for, that’s why we are dedicated to offering you bespoke pet dog products, catering to the subtle nuances that make your pet a uniquely beautiful friend.

We Are Original:

The American Pets Shop places Quality as a top priority on our chart. All products are painstakingly made with perfect functionality and user satisfaction in mind. We have carefully tested and selected every product in our store with the end-users in mind. Orders are neatly packaged and sent to the buyer through a safe and secure delivery service. If it weren’t so, we would have told you.

We Are Diverse:

Our demand-driven products offer something for everyone – from Apparels, to Bags & Backpacks, to Car Seat Covers and Shades, to Home Decor, to pet dog Clothes & Harnesses, to Shoes & Casual wears, to Dog Toys, to Food & Pets Care items, Phone Cases and Covers, and so much more. We will never give you something you don’t need. We take time to research and generate our product ideas and engage with Dog Moms and Dads on the suitability of each product before stocking it up, eliminating any kind of guesswork to guarantee you nothing but the very BEST.

We Are Transparent:

Honesty means everything to us. Our product description is apt and straight to the point, we speak to the objectives and connect to your needs. We are transparent. We will never say an item does what it cannot do just to entice you to buy, because we value relationships and we want to be part of your Pet Love Life.

We Protect Our Buyers:

We have one of the best, if not the very best buyer protection and guarantee in the industry; Full refund if you do not receive your order. If the item you received is not as described, you can return it and get your money back fully. Read our Refund Policy for more information.


We Have 24/7 Standby Support/Customer Service Agents:

Integrity is of prime value to us, and we understand that customer satisfaction is what keeps us growing in business. That’s why we have skilled and experienced customer care agents on standby 24/7 to attend to any question you may have, and sort out your needs without hassle. We are always happy to help.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email  :


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Our Address:

312, W 2nd St. (Suite #2131)

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United States.