As the perfect companions for Frenchies are the city dwellers because they require less space and are not much of a hassle to care for, you must be sure to get healthily bred pups from the perfect breeders. This article will show you the best places to get French bulldogs.

The city would be a good place for getting the French Bulldogs for those who would love them, but then again, the city is also a good place for acquiring pups that would not tick your boxes for a perfect French bulldog.

There are lots of places to disappoint you for your pet’s needs and an equal amount of places to blow your mind. For the right Frenchie, as there are lots of French bullpups for sale, thanks to their popularity, these would help tremendously in giving you just what you desire.

French Bulldog Inc. Florida

Nataliya Safronova of French Bulldogs Inc. assures potential customers that they get adorable and well-proportioned Frenchies with great temperaments. This French bulldog breeder based in Florida specializes in French European Bulldogs that can tolerate both heat and cold. Their satisfied customers from around the country and Canada prove that their French Bulldogs can withstand any climate.

With a 12-month health guarantee, you can get French bulldog puppies in good shape with vaccinations necessary for their age and health certificates.

You can contact them for any more questions you may have.

Website: French Bulldogs Inc.

Phone number: 904-616-2706

Address: 11999 Frenchie Lane, Jacksonville, FL 32258

Email: frenchemom@gmail.com

Umpqua Valley Kennels – Oregon

Families looking for sociable and healthy French bulldog puppies can run to Umpqua Valley Kennels. As a family-owned kennel, they made it a mission to breed quality Frenchies and help Frenchie enthusiasts take care of their pooches. Dogs from this breeder are raised in good breeding conditions.

The main kennel houses adult Frenchies and comes with a central heat and air system, comfortable living spaces, and a yard for playtime and exercise. A nursery dedicated to puppies serves as their first home where they are cared for. Potential buyers can even check out the pups through puppy cams. Whether young or old, all dogs are given proper nutrition with food and supplements that do not have wheat, corn, or gluten components for a better diet. Vaccinations and deworming are facilitated at the right age before turning to their forever home.

Parents of their French bulldog puppies are registered with the AKC, which makes their offspring eligible. This also guarantees you that their dogs are of great quality.

Beyond providing pups, this French bulldog breeder also gives assistance and tips on how to care for your adorable dogs.

Website: Umpqua Valley Kennels

Phone: 541-459-5951

Address: 139 Umpqua Valley Ln Drain, OR 97435

Email: uvkennels@gmail.com

Northwest Frenchies – Washington

Northwest Frenchies have become a reputable source of home-socialized French bulldog puppies. By raising their pups at home, they can provide Frenchie lovers with charming pups that are used to human interaction and affection. This makes it easier for Frenchies to adjust to their new homes. This French bulldog breeder is very meticulous about the homes their pups are turned over to.

Because she provides the best nutrition, grooming, and care to her dogs, she expects new fur parents to do the same and has prepared a comprehensive puppy care guide for reference. All French bulldog puppies for sale are given their first set of vaccinations, including parvovirus, para-influenza, adenovirus, distemper, and dewormed regularly.

You will get an AKC-registered one when you get a Frenchie puppy from them. However, you will get no breeding rights and have a spay or neuter contract.

Website: Northwest Frenchies

Phone: 503-349-3944

Email: info@northwestfrenchies.com


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