The Beneful Original Formula is a unique recipe that provides a well-balanced and complete nutrition for the maintenance of adult dogs. In this Dog food review, we will analyze the ingredients and benefits of what it contains.

The Beneful Original Formula is in Nestle Purina PetCare’s product line to ensure that pet nutrition is ultimately achieved. Beneful has proven that they are dedicated to providing the best form of nutrition, environment, and comfort needed for a dog to develop.

This is evidenced by the fact that they host an annual Dream Park Contest, where dog park designs are drawn up and submitted to win a $0.5 million grant to embark upon the dog park project.

This has led to construction of a couple of dog parks across America. But their major merchandise is their Beneful Original Formula, which is why this dog food review.

What is the Beneful Original Formula?

The Beneful Original Formula is made to meet the nutritional levels established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Dog Food Nutrient Profiles to maintain adult dogs.

This pet feeder has a good balance of added grains, vegetables, and proteins. It also contains vitamins and minerals, which will provide your dog with the essential nutrients that it would need. This is an affordable dog food that has an antioxidant-rich formula that is good for your dog immune system. 

In this dog food review, we will be checking the ingredients of the Beneful Original Formula.

What Does the Beneful Original Formula Contain?

The Beneful Original Formula is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, amongst other essential nutrients needed for your dog’s proper growth and development.

These nutrients result from the ingredient used in the preparation of the original formula. The ingredient composition is as follows:

  • Beef: This is the first ingredient in the Beneful original formula. Beef is ordinarily an amazing protein source; however, raw beef contains 60% moisture and therefore, after cooking, the meat contribution is drastically reduced; for this reason, it is very important to ensure that other meat sources are included in your pet’s meal. 
  • Whole Grain Corn: This encompasses the entire corn kernel (the endosperm, germ, and barn). Corn, a cereal grain, consists of vitamins, plant-based protein, and minerals. It turns out that this is one of the controversial ingredients in the formula. Corn can be highly digestible if processed into flour or a meal and cooked afterwards. However, corn cannot be substituted as a source of protein for meat. This is because it does not possess the necessary amino acids needed to sustain a dog’s life. This makes it an irregular substitution for meat as it would degrade the total protein quality of the product.
  • Barley: This is a highly nutritious carbohydrate source. It is naturally rich in minerals and dietary fiber. The best form of barley that can be used is regular barely as opposed to pearled barley. This is because regular barley is composed of the entire grain.
  • Rice: This source of carbohydrate is a gluten-free source. In so far as the germ and bran of the grain are intact, the rice can be a great source of nutrition and fiber, but this is still dependent on the type of rice, whether it is white or brown rice.
  • Whole Grain Wheat: This is the second most-produced cereal grain globally, with corn first. This ingredient is composed of the entire grain of wheat (that is, the bran, endosperm and germ). Wheat is, however, a controversial ingredient, but it is still very much desirable as it provides dietary fibre and many other nutrients. It also composes a large amount of plant-based protein, making it another irregular substitution for meat-based protein. You should also know that wheat is one of the likely ingredients to cause food allergies or intolerance; however, their triggers are low compared to protein sources such as beef.
  • Chicken By-Product: Chicken By-Product meal is derived from cooking chicken by-products through a process known as rendering. AAFCO defines by-products as the “non-rendered, clean parts, other than meat, derived from slaughtered mammals”. Therefore, chicken by-products comprise virtually all the parts that humans do not consume, such as the spleen, liver, stomach, intestine, bone, lung, etc.
  • Beef Fat Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols: Fat is an essential part of your pet’s diet, especially beef fat, a good source of fatty acids.
  • Soybean Meal: Soybean Meal has over 50% protein. Therefore, soybean is capable of significantly boosting the protein content of your dog’s diet. However, the inclusion of non-meat protein can cause significant degradation in the quality of protein in your dog’s diet. This is due to the low composition of amino acids in plant-based proteins.
  • Oatmeal: Oatmeal consists of coarsely ground oats and therefore possesses the entire oat grain. Oatmeal is rich in various minerals, B vitamins and dietary fiber.

The dog food review done above shows that the Beneful original formula derives an enormous amount of its protein from non-meat ingredients, which is not the best as far as it concerns your dog’s diet.

This is not a desirable characteristic because plant-based protein usually lacks the essential amino acids needed by dogs, and such characteristics are normally found in lower quality products.

The Beneful Original Formula might be affordable and have a good marketing strategy, but it has a relatively undesirable ingredient composition. On the bright side, it doesn’t exactly contain any anonymous meat ingredients, artificial colors and artificial preservatives. It is best to combine it with other meat protein sources to best balance your pets’ diet.


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