If you own a French Bulldog, then you are not new to the myth that French Bulldogs cannot swim. Yes, we regard it as myth because in this post, we are delving really deep into a much better understanding of French Bulldog swimming activities. By the end of this post, our goal is arrive at a more fact based understanding around this subject.


By way of laying a foundation, you are going to learn:

  • Why French Bulldogs are naturally not good at swimming
  • Reasons why they may not be able to swim on their own
  • The anatomy of a French Bulldog
  • The health and wellness benefits of swimming for a French Bulldog
  •  How your French Bulldog can swim
  • Benefits of Swimming for your French Bulldog
  • How to swim together with your French Bulldog
  • The importance of swimming together with your French Bulldog
  • Important precautions to take
  • Free Gifts (Yes, you’ll get some free gift, if you read through till the end)

Why French bulldogs aren’t Good Swimmers

You decide that you are up for a day out because the day is sunny and warm, and the weather is peachy.

Preferably for a swim.

Your adorable pair of Frenchie want to tag along, and what else would make the day even better than to let them do just that.

You grab your kayak and paddle, dress up for the occasion and make your way over to the small lake close to your home. You grab your phone and take a few pictures of your dogs on the water’s edge.

It’s time to swim.

You jump in and feel the water satisfy you, and then you insist your pooches join you.

NO! Never try to do that. At least, without knowing the basics of Swimming Frenchie 101.

This article will tell you why Frenchies are not a very good swimmer.