Teeth are a sensitive part of the dog. And typically, you won’t notice its usefulness until they are gone. There are four types of teeth in humans and they all have different functions – working inside the mouth, behind the scenes, especially when eating. For dogs, it does the same too. However, dog’s tooth goes a long way to give them their ‘doggy’ appearance. 

Puppy’s teeth

Have you wondered about the types of teeth the dog has? Well, just as little kids grow out temporary teeth, it is also for dogs. As puppies, they come up with their temporary milk teeth that will eventually fall out when they grow for their adult teeth to take their place.
Puppies usually have 28 deciduous teeth, also known as milk teeth, and these teeth start to appear two weeks after birth. These teeth are then grown to completion within eight to ten weeks. Growing these teeth will help your puppy eat more solid food and gnaw, treats, and bones.
It is hard to miss these razor-like teeth in the puppy’s mouth when they start growing. Because they soon start to apply these teeth on every surface they find including your body. It would help if you got your dog some chew toy at this stage.

Types of teeth in dog

There are four types of teeth in your dog’s mouth, and they all serve a specific purpose.
  1. Incisors

Incisors are the small teeth in the front of your dog’s mouth. It is used to tear meat from the bone. These teeth also play an essential role in grooming themselves. In full adult age, your dog will have 12 incisors, which are six on the top of the mouth and six at the bottom.
  1. Canines

Canines are pointy. The two sharp teeth reside at the sides of the mouth – both top and bottom. These teeth are sometimes referred to as ‘fangs.’ They are what makes dogs suitable for tug-of-war. They are what the dog use to hold on to something.
  1. Premolars

The premolars are located just behind the canine. They are eight at the top and eight at the bottom – making it 16. These teeth are used for tearing, and whenever you see your dog chewing on anything with the side of its mouth, it is using its premolars.
  1. Molars

Molars are flat, and they are meant for heavy tasks. They are the last tooth at the back of the mouth. Molars are used for grinding. There are four molars on the top of the mouth and six at the bottom.

Care for these teeth

Dog frenchie Since you know the types of teeth your dog has, you should understand how important it is to keep these teeth clean. Once particles are attached to them, it will cause bad breath, and other cause deteriorated oral hygiene.
Ensure you use the toothpaste that is recommended for your dog. Please do not mistake using toothpaste for humans as they contain some poisonous substances that can cause serious harm to your dog.
Create a routine for cleaning your dog’s teeth. You can do this as often as twice a week. But you should choose a routine that is suitable and sustainable so your dog can get used to it. You can get chew toys for your dogs as these also help to clean their tooth. Chew toys will distract your puppy dogs from tearing on any household items and will help adult dogs stay mentally alert.

What to do if your dog loses a tooth

Your dog can accidentally lose a tooth. And when this happens, you should ensure to provide an emergency response before taking it to the vet. Usually, getting the mouth trapped after applying some wool to hold the bleeding will be fine. Dogs have four different types of teeth, and they all perform specific functions. Ensure to notice your dog routinely whenever it feasts on its meal, especially bony foods, just so you notice if there are any abnormal chewing patterns; this will help you report any dental issues to the dentists early enough to get medical attention.



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