French bulldogs are very brittle. Just as we care for their general wellbeing, we have to care for their hair, especially when they start to lose hair too frequently. 

The hairs of French bulldogs are usually smooth and short. And just like other animals who live in the wild, they also shed. Animals in general shed when they want to remove damaged or extra hair. They also do this to regulate temperature during the summer months. 

But there is a problem when you notice that your French bulldog is shedding more than usual. Then this article will be a good guide for you. 

Good or bad

It is usual for your Frenchie to shed hair. It is a normal process for all dogs. It becomes a concern when your dog is shedding excessive skin hairs. There could be an underlying health condition in this case. 

Reasons for Frenchie hair loss

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You should first be aware of the kind of food your Frenchie react to. Some food that your Frenchie is allergic to can make them lose excessive fur. 

The environment can also be why your Frenchie is letting out more hair than is necessary. Pollens, for example, can cause skin problems that lead to hair loss. 

If you just changed your dog’s pen and suddenly notice the excessive shedding, it can be a good indication for you to check on the new pen – something around there is an irritant that is causing hair loss.

Another condition is called moist dermatitis; this is where your Frenchie develops moisture under the skin. It presents with itching and subsequent loss of hair. 

When you bathe your dog too much, it develops a condition called chronic dry skin, which can lead to peeling off of the skin and hairs. 

Mites and dandruff are also known to cause hair loss in your Frenchie. Ensure your French bulldog lives in a clean place void of mites and ectoparasites. 

In all of these causes listed above, skin and environmental irritants are the most common for hair loss in French bulldogs. 


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How to know your bulldog itching

One of the best ways to know if your dog has any of these allergies is by noticing the number of times he tugs at his ears, scratching. 

Sometimes, they lick their paws too frequently; they also rub their face on the ground for no just obvious reasons. 

Since the folds in their skin, especially in the lower jaw, French bulldogs are predisposed to lip-fold pyoderma, a yeast infection found in a constant moist area.

You can examine your Frenchie; if that area is reddened, know that this fungus is present. It would help if you quickly addressed it as it can spread to other parts of the body and other Frenchie.

How to reduce Frenchie hair loss

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Reducing hair loss is a gradual process, and it’s quite a simple task – as simple as eliminating the irritant. But finding this irritant is where the task is. 

You can also provide these;

  • ·         Routine care,
  • ·         Good exercise and,
  • ·         Good diet

In providing routine care for your Frenchie, you will have to treat your dog as your child. Brush the hairs regularly and check for moisture underneath the skin. In doing this, ensure you avoid those things that could easily be an irritant for your dog. 

Dieting is simple; provide only a nutritious and vet-recommended diet for your Frenchie. Also, ensure your dog does not react to any ingredient in the food you serve your French bulldog. Stop your French bulldog from eating food scraps off the ground as these could be the source of its allergies. 

Not many exercises are needed for your Frenchie. A routine outside walk is good enough to help your Frenchie keep fit and stimulated.

These walks don’t only affect the muscular fitness of your dog; walks like this help to aerate the furs and skin properly and allow firmness on its skin. 

Frenchie’s are wonderful breeds. We should ensure to cater to them regularly, so they come down will any illness that could be easily prevented by proper care, proper diets, and regular exercise. Following this will ensure your dog’s hair remains firm.

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