Can I help my French Bulldog Get Pregnant

French Bulldog pregnancy is a whole new lesson that every Frenchie mom or dad should endeavor to learn. Frenchies are a very special breed and a lot of things about them are unique and different from what obtains with other dogs. This includes French Bulldog Pregnancy. So in this article, we will be exploring some of the salient questions we’ve been asked in the recent past by some curious and caring Frenchie Moms and Dads. Significant among the questions is: “Can I help My French Bulldog Get Pregnant?”

In order to answer this question in a comprehensive manner, we would have to delve into some related topics to French Bulldog Pregnancy. For example, if you want to learn how to help your French Bulldog get pregnant, then you must know certain things as well, such as:



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What is the Big Question about French Bulldog Pregnancy – Can French Bulldog get pregnant?

The answer is YES!

Just like humans, Female French Bulldog can get pregnant, and they also see their period.

Yes, Female French bulldogs can get their periods, except they are spayed. However, female Frenchie period can be very messy, especially if this is your first time having a female dog. Female French bulldogs will have their period at least twice a year. This means in 6 months; you should expect your French bulldog to have her period. The circle for heat will last for weeks, which is when the Frenchie is ready for breeding. Let’s say a little bit more about French Bulldog period cycles.


French Bulldog Period Cycle

From birth till maturity, it takes the Female French bulldog an average of 6 to 9 months to see their full period within which they will have their heat cycle. If the Frenchie is not spayed, it will take some of them some time to start their cycle every six months. Some others will have a regular cycle only after 1 to 2 years.

French Bulldog Pregnancy - Red Cycle

Stages of French Bulldog Period Cycle

#1: Proestrus

The beginning of the period cycle for your Frenchie is usually referred to as proestrus; this lasts between 5 to 18 days. This period is accompanied by excess vaginal discharge and can be messy. You will need to monitor the Frenchie constantly for her to not mess up the surroundings with the blood droppings.

During this early stage of her period, male dogs are usually attracted to them, but they are not interested in mating.

#2: Estrus

The next stage of the heat period is referred to as the estrus.

This stage usually lasts between 5 and 13 days. It is at this second stage that the Frenchie can get pregnant.

The vulva is swollen and ready for penetration. Some discharge is watery in nature and yellowish in color.

Any male that comes close to this period will be given reception. 

#3: Diestrus and Anestrus

After the estrus is the diestrus in a normal canine estrous cycle, this stage can also be a mating phase and lasts for up to 3 months. However, if the Frenchie is pregnant, the cycle will last for about 63 days. Another long period in the cycle is called Anestrus. This is an inactive stage. It marks the end of the period cycle till the cycle repeats itself again. 

Mother and her daughter with a little puppy french bulldog in a

French Bulldog Pregnancy: Best Period Stage for French Bulldogs to Get Pregnant

Female Frenchie will usually be on heat during their period. The heat period for a Female French bulldog usually goes on for about 21 days. Other pets have shorter heat durations, maybe two weeks. The sign of heat is seen when the vulva of the Frenchie begins to swell, and then bleeding marks the end of the cycle.

Bleeding begins at the beginning of the period and this smell attracts male dogs around. But the best time for the Frenchie to get pregnant is the period when their discharge will turn watery. Hence, estrus is the best time to target for your French bulldog to get pregnant.

You should monitor your Female French bulldog to know when it is on its period. There are behavioral signs and psychological signs. But out of all the signs, the most prominent is the swelling of the vulva, and with careful observation, it becomes more expansive and turgid, and there is usually a blood tinged discharge. 

How to Identify Your French Bulldog's Menstrual Cycle

French Bulldog at home

Period flows can be very messy, and as a Frenchie owner, you need to know how to identify the signs of a Frenchie in her period so you can provide the best help for your French bulldog.

At the early stage of the period, your Frenchie will look a little bit more
affectionate or grumpier. Sometimes, its appetite may increase or reduce depending on the peculiarity of the Frenchie. Many times, the appetite changes to the opposite of what it usually is; for example, if your French bulldog eats a lot before, during periods, it can have a lot less appetite.

Another change you will notice for your Frenchie in her period is the swelling of the vulva. This is quite prominent. Blood-stained discharge can also accompany the swollen vulva. As soon as you notice this, it is time to fit her with a diaper since Frenchie does not have any tail to keep the diaper up.

Frenchie in her period will not allow male dogs to come near her, especially very early in her period; hence they will protect themselves from male French bulldogs. They will even refuse to allow the male dogs to smell them or approach them.

In the second stage of Frenchie in her period, you will begin to notice a bright red discharge. You will have to keep changing the diapers to ensure that the house stays neat, especially if your dog lives inside the house. At this stage, they will welcome the male dogs by inviting them around.


This is the stage where they should be supervised; your dog should not be out of your sight. When Frenchie in her period is on heat, she can do unimaginable things to get the satisfaction that she needs. Keep them within reach and also lock their cages if they have one.

Your Frenchie should always be on a leash when you take them on a walk. This is the time they can just run off to be with other dogs.

The next sign you will notice is that your Frenchie in her period may begin to urinate more frequently than usual. Yes, take away the anxiety from your mind that something may be wrong, and know that it is just the period signs your Frenchie is having.

It can also begin to mount other dogs or even mount your legs when it is idle. Swollen nipples and vulva are very prominent signs also; you should take note of them. Discharge can be much more frequent too, as well. 


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How to Handle a French Bulldog in Her Period

Change Her Diapers

A French Bulldog in her period will usually bleed for 4 to 20 days. You may have to change her diapers daily to get them neat and avoid stuffing in soaked diapers to their abdomen. Diapers that are not changed routinely may lead to having skin reactions, especially rashes.

Hygiene is of utmost importance. Once you have learned the signs of your French Bulldog periods, you should consider the necessary steps to ensure that they are neatly catered for, so the blood droppings don’t harbor bacteria that can later infect them.

What Should I Expect and What Should I Do When My Frenchie is in Her Period?

There are many things to expect when your French Bulldog is in on. It can be very stressful when your French Bulldog is in its first period. Still, whether this period is the first or it has had several period cycles, there are ways to care for your Frenchie in that time. You need to do them to ensure you give your Frenchie the best experience during its period.

Once you notice that your Frenchie is her period, the first thing to do is to have tags and micro-chip for your Frenchie up to date. This way, if your Frenchie gets to run away with another male dog, then it can be easily found.

Yes, these things happen. In fact, it is one of the tendencies to watch out for when your cutie is in her period.

During periods, you should not allow your Frenchie to leave its leash. Keeping them on leash is one way to care for your Frenchie in her period. Ensure that she’s always on leash, this way, you will reduce the chances of it running off when her hormones are on the upside. If this happens, the ability to locate the house may be faded significantly due to a spike in her reproductive hormones.

Again, do not let your Frenchie leave the yard. A male dog can be around the corner, and once they unite, you never can tell where next will be their destination. You may never find them again, until after a while. Your Frenchie may also entice a stray male dog into the compound, which may not suit you.

What to Do If You Don't Want to Breed

You may want to spay your female Frenchie if you don’t want to breed. You can talk to your Vet about the right age before spaying and how to go about it, especially if your Frenchie has a medical condition. Also note the first day of discharge for your Female French Bulldog, this way, you will monitor her next period, if the calculations are done right, it is usually after six months.

Your Frenchie deserves to be neat, even during her period. If you don’t care for your Frenchie in her period, when your Frenchie discharges, it may mostly want to clean the blood by herself, but because the smell may likely still be there, you will need to use unscented wipes. Diapers can also be used to prevent blood stains in your home.

Frenchies on heat may still need to follow through with their routine exercise, this is another important care for your Frenchies on her period. Taking her out on walks or letting her use the treadmill can be an excellent way to make her active. Indoor exercises are best recommended. But if you must take her out, then you should ensure she is always on a leash.

During periods, your Frenchie will need to have a separate room (if you can afford that). This will be very important, especially if you have other dogs in the house. Isolating her will reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do.

No park visiting during periods. Periods are also the time for increased sex drive. You need to ensure you protect your Frenchie the best way you can. keep them indoors as her scent can attract a male dog from miles away. Taking her to a park may cause the scene with other male dogs present.

Being neat and away from other male dogs are the two routines you need to keep up with for your Frenchies in her period. She doesn’t require any medication. This is a natural phase in their lives, just like humans.

What Can I Do to Help My French Bulldog Get Pregnant?

Pregnant French Bulldog

If you have a female French bulldog, you’d notice that she goes into heat at a certain age. During this heat, your female French bulldog is said to be fertile and can also get pregnant. Also, although pups are great to have around, yet lots of dog owners are not usually ready to have litters of small Frenchies. The art of raising French bulldogs is a full-time job hence if you are not ready to raise little Frenchies, you should consider spraying your female French bulldog at an early age.

It is not usually healthy for a young female French bulldog to become a mother; this is because their growth stops and they remain in that small puppy-like shape they had before they got pregnant. Hence it is advisable to allow the dogs to grow a lot bigger before getting them pregnant.

If you notice that your dog is big enough to get pregnant, it is wise you keep an eye on your female French bulldog to know when she is on heat period.

How to Find Out If My French Bulldog is on Heat?

There are typical signs to look out for; how your female French bulldog goes on heat is relative to the individual dog. However, if you have more than one female French bulldog in the house, they may go into heat at the same time or at different times.

When your Frenchie is on heat, her behavior changes, so also the behavior of other dogs around her, she will begin to sniff excessively and become grumpy. Some female French bulldog dogs will make small puddles just to spread their scent around.

This smell usually helps the female bulldog to attract male dogs around. A French Bulldog on heat will have a swollen vulva also with the labia. It also loses blood through the vagina. For some female bulldog, they may be spotless and will quickly leak the drops of blood, but others will be noticeable. The best way to find out is to pay close attention to your dog.

If you suspect your dog being on heat, you should wipe her vulva with a clean toilet paper to know if she is losing blood.

Generally, the female French bulldog goes on heat between the 6th and the 12th month of age. Sometimes, it gets delayed till the 14th month, but this is rare. They repeat this heat cycle twice every year. However, the female French dog is not fertile all the days of the heat, but for only a few days within this heat period.

How Should I Treat My Frenchie In Her Heat Period?

Having known the signs of female French bulldog being on heat, the following are some things you should endeavor to do during her heat period:

Taking care of your Female French Bulldog Pregnancy and when she is on heat can be very tasking and fun at the same time. The heat period usually lasts for weeks. Knowing what to do about this time is essential to maintining a healthy and happy female French Bulldog. The stress from this period won’t be too bad if you want your French Bulldog pregnant.



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