Gum disease is usually known as periodontitis. Periodontitis is a bacterial infection that affects your dog’s mouth/oral cavity. Usually, it does not come with any obvious symptoms until it has gotten to an advanced stage. But then, it comes with chronic pain, loss of teeth, bone, and sometimes gum erosion. All of these happen because the structure that supports the teeth becomes weakened and almost lost.

The first step leading to gum disease occurs when food particles and bacteria collect on the gum line and are not removed from the teeth with routine brushing. These particles can turn into calculus and plaque, usually referred to as tartar.

In the end, they cause irritation and swelling of the gum line and the areas that surround the gum. All of these represent the first stage of gum disease.

Symptoms of Gum diseases in dogs

  • ·         Irritability
  • ·         Bleeding gums
  • ·         Missing teeth
  • ·         Bad breath, which is also known as halitosis

All of these can culminate in weight loss because there will be an ensuring loss or reduced appetite.

When the symptoms of gum diseases appear on your dog’s gum, your dog must have been in chronic pain. This period up until the appearance of symptoms is when your dog usually goes into isolation and sometimes losses its esteem in the face of other predators.

For you to correctly identify any disease in the mouth, you may notice some blood in its water bowl or some of its chew toys.

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The problem of gum disease does not only remain in the mouth of the dog; it spreads to another part of the dog’s internal system. From the mouth, the bacteria can migrate to cause heart diseases – this is very likely because bacteria can leave the mouth and migrate to the mouth.

What is the cause of gum diseases in dogs?

There is enough evidence that the bacteria in your dog’s mouth can accumulate and further lead to plaque. This plaque often meets other minerals and causes further hardening in just a few hours. It is difficult to scrape away after this calculus is formed in the teeth.

As this goes on and on, the dog’s immune system will begin to fight the bacteria, which leads to inflammation in the tooth of the dog. Other more obvious signs like bleeding and blisters result because of this reaction by the immune system and the bacteria.

Another major cause of gum disease is poor nutrition. This can be a significant factor in whether your dog will have swollen gum or not. Feeding on the garbage and other poor feeding choices can sincerely make your dog malnourished, and this can be expressed in swollen gum.

Some environmental factors such as dirty habits of licking himself and dirty toys can also lead to gum swelling.

How is gum disease treated in dogs?

You have to ensure routine oral care for your dog if you want to get rid of gum disease. Even after visiting the vet, routine oral care is necessary to help you prevent a further dental disease in the future. The cost of a dental procedure will vary from one state to another.

How to prevent your dog from getting gum disease

Fortunately, gum disease can be prevented in every way possible. And this is good news for every pet owner out there. Not only the fact can it be prevented if your dog comes down with it, but it can also be treated and permanently cured.

Get your dog some oral care routine; this is important to prevent gum disease. If you clean your dog’s teeth regularly, there will be no place to form plaque and tartar. And once this cannot be formed, your dog will be free of any accumulation of bacteria that usually leads to gum disease.

Gum disease is painful. And this alone can frustrate your dog and reduce its quality of life. It is always better to prevent this disease instead of spending a lot of resources treating it. Ensure to get your dog only food with nutritional values and have a good dental routine as this will help prevent any form of gum disease whatsoever.

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