It is very exciting to have your first French bulldog. Since it is just your first time having a Frenchie puppy, we have drawn out this guide to seamlessly help you through the first few days.


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The French bulldog is best trained from a crate. Once you have weaned, your dog will likely keep whining every few hours. And for sure, this will remind you of your newborn. When you hear these cries, take them out to relieve themselves.

Once you return, cuddle them a little and send them back to their crate. You could use a ticking clock and a warm blanket; these two can help calm your puppy. However, don’t expect magical results when you first try it. You will have to keep doing this until you notice some measurable results.

House training should begin with placing newspapers in a large part of the room where your Frenchie’s crate is staying. Ensure to praise your puppy when it relieves itself in the papers in the room.

As the days go by, reduce the number of papers in the room and watch how he issues the paper by marking where he ought to relieve himself. They are very intelligent and will quickly understand when you are happy or sad with them.


A good weight is necessary for the early days of your French bulldog. Maintain an average weight and ensure the space between the chest and hind legs is well defined. For these early days after weaning, you can feed your Frenchie low-fat bones, slices of apple, and carrots. Ensure the apple slices are without the peels. Doing this twice daily is an excellent way to reward your French bulldog as the owner.


Your dog is growing very fast for the first few weeks, so also will its nails. Ensure to trim your dog’s nails. If you notice, your dog will begin to scratch most surfaces within reach. Hence cutting nails will be an excellent way to reduce the irritation from that.

If you cannot cut the nails, you could do so at a PetSmart to ensure the cuticles are short.

Bathing your little Frenchie should be done weekly. It is pleasant for you to keep the dog neat for a dog that likes to snuggle.

Apart from the general skin cleaning, the folds on your French bulldog’s muzzle need to be cleaned up to prevent it from being moisturised round the clock and could be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.

General advice

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The French bulldog is a special breed; hence it requires lots of attention. Due to the short muzzle your Frenchie has, it cannot take excessive heat. They cannot live in a hot environment. Hence when you take your Frenchie for a walk-in hot, humid weather, you have to make it a short and brisk walk of 10 minutes. But in colder weather, the Frenchie can tolerate longer walks.

If you notice your Frenchie is hot, you can put cold water on its chest. This will help cool the temperature faster. One way to know if your Frenchie is hot is when you notice excessive panting.

Keep your Frenchie on a leash. This will do much good when you are on a walk, so it does not stray along to another dog around the corner. It can quickly get sickness or any infection from untreated dogs.

Since they are known to be stubborn, you should also fence them in; they always have the urge to stray off. And sometimes, they will start and refuse to move, and when you try to get to them, they keep running, thinking that you are playing. A leash will be helpful!

Frenchie’s are prone to back pains, so ensure you don’t get too much playful or rough play with them. Do not feed them grapes, chocolate, and avocado as they can lead to several severe health conditions.

Frenchie is a soft breed. Hence, we should take them as such. Handle them with care, and anywhere you are unsure, try to get information from only trusted sources.

Do not assume. If you do these, you are good to go!


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