Oral hygiene is essential for a dog, just as it is for humans. Having poor oral hygiene can lead to several health conditions that can affect the body’s heart and other internal organs.

A study has shown that 80 percent of dogs will show signs of dental diseases at age three.

Good oral hygiene is encouraged for many reasons; dogs usually communicate with their tongues and mouths. Simple oral routines can help you give your dog the best oral condition possible.

Five Ways You Can Give Your Dog a Proper Hygiene

  •     Use a Sweetened/flavored Toothpaste for Brushing

Just as it is for babies, so also it is for dogs. If they don’t like the taste of the toothpaste, your dogs will give you all the resistance they can to prevent you from brushing.

Teeth brushing is the foundation of having proper oral health. Your dog will learn to tolerate the brushing process if they like the toothpaste.

There are specifically designed toothbrushes that can reach into the corners and crevices of your dog’s tooth to ensure the best recommendation from your vet.

Also, to avoid human toothpaste. Human toothpaste contains some toxic ingredients like fluoride and xylitol, which can be harmful to dogs. Establish a routine for brushing so your dog will always expect the time for brushing.

  •         Nibble Dog Dental Chews

Apart from improving dental hygiene, dog dental chews come with several benefits. They help stimulate the natural craving of your dog and keep the dog busy to prevent creating nuisance elsewhere in the house.

These dental chews are made to reduce the plagues on the dog’s teeth. It polishes it and makes the teeth remain super clean and sparkling.

However, it would help if you always looked after your dog when they have a dental chew within reach. This is to prevent any accident coming out from chewing these items.

  • Dog Dental Spray

Sometimes, your dog can come up with stinky breaths. And this can reduce or eliminate the cuddles and kisses you have together.

While brushing can come in handy to permanently remove this odor, you will need something to eliminate the smell until it is permanently corrected from routine brushing; this is where the dental spray comes in handy.

All you have to do is spray on the teeth and gum of the dog. Some dogs may give you difficulty when using the sprays, in this case, you can spray their dental chews and allow them to bite on them.

To avoid any gastrointestinal difficulties, ensure to spray at least 30minutes before or after any meal. Most of these sprays are gastric irritants and if ingested in any quantity can lead to stooling.

  •   Chew Toys

Fun-loving dogs will sometimes get nib on your shoes and other household items within their reach. One way to prevent them from ingesting or biting anything that will harm their teeth is by getting them to chew toys.

These toys serve both the function of keeping your dogs entertained and keeping their teeth safe from biting on harmful objects.

Chewing is the natural way for dogs to clean their teeth; puppies will also gnaw on items to soothe any pain in their teeth, while adult dogs chew things to get mentally stimulated.

These chew toys come in different shapes and types and are made of various materials. It is recommended that you buy several toys and make rotations among them to keep your dog interested.

  • Veterinary Cleaning

It is also suitable for you to have a routine veterinary visit. This way, you get to optimize your dog’s oral hygiene and also get to learn new ways to cater to your dog’s teeth.

Vet doctors will polish and scale your dog’s teeth to remove the plaques and tartars. This process is usually done under anaesthesia. And if your dog has any oral abnormalities, they can be detected early, and a solution is preferred.

Oral hygiene is essential for both dogs, just as it is for humans. These measures explained and highlighted here can be followed to ensure your dog gets proper oral hygiene. You may not carry out these activities daily, but a weekly or twice-monthly routine is fair and can improve your dog’s health and prevent any diseases.


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