At the age of three, many adult dogs will have plaques. Having a routine for your dog’s teeth cleaning is essential to prevent plaque and other dental diseases. 

It depends on how severe the tartar and plaque buildup is; a lesser plaque mass will be easily removed at home. A more severe mass of plaque or tartar will need to be removed at the dental clinic. 

Dogs with bad breath and paw at their mouth or seem to be dropping food when they are eating, can be signs of a more severe plaque buildup. You must add some mouthwash for your dog to help keep the plaque out.

What do plaques look like?

After eating, there is a chance that food and saliva will get trapped in the gum-line of your dog’s mouth. This will continuously build up over time, and once it is left untreated, all of these begin to mix with minerals in the mouth and form a hard substance called plaque. 

A plaque is a complex substance usually brown and builds up in the dog’s teeth. It is usually hard as a rock, especially from the calcium and minerals found in your dog’s saliva. Bacteria get trapped on the surface, which can lead to infection and swelling of the dog’s gum.

How to remove Plaques at home

You can use a few options to remove plaques from your dog’s teeth. However, you must know that your dog will not sit to allow you to remove those plaques without putting up a fight. 

  • Using a finger toothbrush

The finger toothbrush is more likely to knock off the tartar underneath the dog’s teeth. Meanwhile, there are plaques buildup remaining under the dog’s gum line.

A finger toothbrush can take some time before your dog gets used to it. You can start one tooth at a time until your dog can tolerate it for some time longer and then till you get it completed.

  • Visit your vet

Your vet will be able to remove the plaques from your dog’s teeth, especially after sedating them. After sedating it, your vet will be able to remove all tartars, including those beneath the gum line and at the root of your dog’s teeth. 

The vet will conduct several x-rays of your dog’s teeth to know where there are likely issues and how to correct those issues. The x-rays will help him identify where there are broken teeth, remove those teeth and fill the place up.

How to Prevent Plaque Build-up


  1. Dental Chews

Preventing plaque buildup is the best way to keep your dog’s oral hygiene perfect. You can use dental chews to prevent plaques. 

These chews come with ridges on their surface and can reach those areas that can be difficult for your finger toothbrush to reach.

There are different sizes of these, and dogs of different ages have their fit of whatever size of chew they want. However, it would help if you watched your dog first introduce them to a dental chew. This is to ensure they don’t end up swallowing it.

  1. Mouthwash

Add the correct proportion of mouth wash to your pet’s water; this will prevent plaque growth and buildup of tartars. Ensure to get the recommended mouthwash from your vet to avoid using anything that will affect your dog’s health. 

Some additives can be added to your dog’s water to help gradually reduce the plaque, eliminating plaques in as short as 7-days. However, when you begin adding these mouthwashes, it is best to add some freshwater pots by the side, as your dog may not want the additives.

  1. Brushing

Regular brushing your dog’s teeth will prevent the buildup of plaques. Because the toothbrush constantly passes through the teeth, it will easily remove it from the gum line before the bacteria and food particles form a plaque.

Ensure to get the right toothpaste and toothbrushes that fit your dog. You can ask your vet for his recommendations.

Plaques are not suitable for your dog, especially if we take them as pets. It further affects their health and makes them sick. Using mouthwashes and finger toothbrushes to pick out the plaques routinely will keep our dog’s oral hygiene perfect.


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Become a Pro French Bulldog Nutritionist

80% of French Bulldog illnesses are caused by wrong food consumption.   Stop wasting money at the Vets, Get this nutritional guide now, FREE
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