Dogs are considered pets as such; the demand for dogs is on the increase worldwide, most especially for certain breeds of dogs that are not common because dogs are considered man’s best friend and are more reliable compared to other animals.

For a pet lover who wants to purchase a dog, one of the major things they consider before purchase is the breeder’s reputation since, in some states in the United States, some breeders must obtain a certain license to engage in the breeding of animals.

Also, due to the high demand for dogs, animal rustlers sometimes engage in stealing such animals from their owners, thereafter selling them to innocent buyers who, for the love of dogs, buy them without finding out the authenticity of the sale or if there exist any element of illegality in the transaction.

Easiest way to identify a reputable dog breeder

  • Reputable Track Record

One of the easiest ways to identify a reputable breeder is the individual or company’s track record for those who have been in the business for a long time and also for those who are new into the business, a referral from someone attesting to their credibility would suffice.

  • Referral from a Veterinarian

Another important way to refer to a veterinarian with years of experience. He/she should refer to one or two reputable dog breeders either through interaction or personal research and findings.

  • Client’s Feedback

Another way is through feedback from clients, whether through “word of mouth” or testimonial account of their experiences through dealings with such individuals or organisations is the best guide to determine whether or not you are buying from a reputable breeder.

Suppose you are considering buying from a local breeder within your locality. In that case, you can easily ask around that environment from fellow dog lovers regarding the seller’s authenticity. Still, if it is an online store, you could easily peruse through the reviews and comments of persons who have purchased dogs through that medium to help guide you in making the right choice.

  •   Ask a Fellow Dog Lover

You can ask a friend who loves a dog as much as you do and has one because sometimes our decisions are influenced by our environment and people around us. This is important because a good advice from a friend can save you from many troubles such as buying a sick or stolen puppy or dog.

Good and Reputable breeders love their puppies or dog ever after-sale as such, they are concerned about your reason for purchase, how you intend to take care of the dog, where the dog will be staying, and educate you on better health hygiene for your dog.

Indicators of a Reputable Breeder

Below are some indicators that help you identify a good dog breeder

  •         A good dog breeder will allow you to tour the environment where the dogs are being trained and kept.
  •         A good dog breeder treats his/her dog(s) as a family; as such, they shower them with love and care.
  •         A good dog breeder is knowledgeable about the different breeds of dogs and how they can be handled properly.
  •         A good breeder understands that the dogs’ social life is important and encourages dog walks, games, and other recreational activities.
  •         A good breeder has a good working relationship with a veterinarian and can recommend you to one any day, any time.
  •         A good dog breeder practices responsible and hygienic mating patterns.
  •         A good dog breeder should enlighten you on the daily recommended food pattern and healthier meals to feed the dogs with.
  •         A good dog breeder is willing to reduce an agreement to writing and encourages good ethical practice.
  •         He/she should provide a health certificate for the dog if needed.

Identifying a good and reputable pet breeder is not as difficult as finding pebbles in the deep-sea bed because with the right knowledge, you are on the right path in making the right choice.

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