Dog walking is a lot of fun for you and your dog. It helps your dog socialize and better understand its environment. This act is usually made possible when your hand is on your dog’s leash and the other end on its neck.

Another exciting thing that comes to mind is how and where to place your dog leash for easy access whenever you decide to go out. A dog leash holder becomes the next thing that comes to mind, just like your coat holder during the winter season.

On a side note, it is best to place this leash holder close to your dog’s cage or in the sitting room. With this, you don’t have to search all over the place for your dog leash.

Making your Dog Leash

You may want to make a dog leash holder for your dog as a show of love. You can also do this to avoid the cost or difficulty of purchasing one. Whatever the reason, you may not know how to make a leash but this article will help you through the process of making a leash.

We will be sharing practical and easy-to-follow steps in making your dog leash holder for your dog. And before you start building anything, the first point to note is to acquire the necessary materials and tools for the leash.

Here are the basic materials you will be needed, and they can be purchased in any local store or shop within your environment.

  • A jaw saw
  • Sanders or sandpaper
  • Measuring tape
  • Wood clamps
  • Drill/hammer
  • Screw or nails
  • Single prong robe hook (4-6 pieces)
  • 22-inch piece of 1×6 pine

Note that you can either get the drill or the hammer. You don’t have to purchase both.


Now we have our materials. It’s time to start building. Below are easy-to-follow practical steps to give your dog that beautiful dog leash holder.

1. Spot a suitable worksite

Ensure that your chosen location is safe for you and that no kids are running around. You can use your backyard or basement as a perfect work site.

2. Cave out your preferably wooden shape

At this point, you have to cave out the wooden frame upon which the hooks will be placed. You may decide to shape yours like a dog bone, a dog ear, tail, or heart shape whatever shape you desire.

Draw your desired shape on the piece of wood with a marker or pencil, and with the aid of your saw, cut out the shape by tracing it with your saw. The fun part is that if you can’t get a saw or don’t want to go through the stress of sawing the wood, you can purchase a 22-inch piece of 1×6 pine that can serve as your wooden frame.

3. Drill your holes for the hook

You need to correctly measure the 4-inch distance point from each point and drill a hole through it with your drill.

4. Screw the single prong robe hook firmly into the wood

The next step is to fit the hook perfectly into the already drilled holes with your screw. The exciting thing is that if you don’t have a drill or a screw, you could easily use a hammer and a nail to attach your hooks to the wood in those marked holes on your piece of wood.

Locate your perfect spot within the house to fix your dog leash holder; All left is to choose your preferable spot within the house, maybe your room, the sitting room, close to the house entrance, whichever suits you.

5. Fix your dog leash holder on the wall

You can use your drilling device to drill holes into the wall of your chosen spot and screw in your dog leash holder firmly and nicely or use your hammer and nail as an alternative option.

There you go, you have your homemade dog leash holder hanging nicely where you want it. You could add stickers for decoration or spray it with your desired color before hanging it to beautify it.

Making your dog leash holder is easier than you thought. It is like preparing pancakes with the right ingredients. Ensure that you put on a glove and a safety glass for protection when performing these steps for your safety. You can nicely place your dog leash on your homemade leash holder.


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