How to Measure Your Dog When Shopping for Dog Clothes

Cold weather and a few events necessitate dog pets wearing clothing. Still, most dog owners do not know how to measure their dog when shopping for clothes, which increases the chance of returning many pet dog clothing orders online.

To solve this issue, this article summarizes all the necessary steps to measure dog pets so you can get them befitting clothes. You don’t want their clothes over-sized or under-sized. The critical part to measure in your dog when planning to shop or shop for them online or offline is the chest or girth, the neck, the top-line or length, and the dog length.

Dog Clothes Chest measurement

Measuring the chest gives the size of the straps. A soft tape is required to do this, and measurement is taken just behind the dog’s front legs and ribs cage. Chest measurement is essential to make them easy to wear and off. Chest measurement is also referred to as girth measurement, so don’t confuse the word. It is more convenient and easy to do when the dog is standing.

Dog Clothes Neck Measurement

Measuring the width of a dog’s neck dictates the size of the collar and scarves. It is done by carefully placing the tape around the neck without pulling it too tight not to hurt the dog. Ensure the tape is loose to the extent that it can accommodate at least two fingers. It can be done in any position, whether the dog is sitting, standing on all fours, or lying down.

Top-line Measurement of Dog Clothes

The top-line measure the entire length of the dog, i.e., how long the jacket must cover the dog’s body. It is measured from the base of the neck of the dog to the beginning of the tail. It can be done by placing measuring tape at one end at the base of the dog’s neck and measuring to the beginning of the tail. The following examples give an insight into what to buy for your dog after measurement.

● 17 inches (43cm) = XL

● 15 inches (38cm) = L

● 13 inches (33) = M

Measuring the Leg Length of Dog Clothes

Dog’s leg length is not always required, as most jackets do not have long sleeves. However, some rain gear and snowsuits involve the length of the leg, and to prevent oversize or undersize; you will have to measure it. It can be measured by placing the tape on the dog’s armpit down to its leg and then paws. You can stop at the dog’s ankles or measures to the ground if you desire to cover all its legs.

Dollar Collar and Leash Vs Dog Harnesses

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Types of Dog Clothes

There are different dog clothes for different occasions. A few of several types of dogs will be discussed in this section.

 1. Raincoat

Dog raincoats are used during the downpour. They prevent the dog from getting wet when it is in the rain and save the owner the stress of drying up its furs.

2. Dog hoodies

Hoodies are picture-perfect dresses. Even dogs feel celebrated in it. The clothing provides sufficient warmness in cold weather. It is usually recommended for a small pet dog. Experts claim that it helps reduce the anxiety of dogs.

3. Dog Shirt

Besides the beauty of wearing a shirt, a dog shirt also helps prevent keeping the home and car of a dog owner from dog furs that may contribute nuisance to the neatness of your home.

4. Canine Life Jacket

Unarguably, dogs are good swimmers. But, wearing a life jacket while swimming will guarantee a safe swimming moment and a memorable swimming experience.

5. Reflective Vest

A reflective vest is designed to ensure your dog’s safety at night, especially in darkness. It is advised to get a reflective vest for your dog when going out with it at night, especially if you own a black pet dog.

6.  Dog sweater

Light-skinned and short-haired dogs are prone to skin cancer when exposed to the sun excessively. Wearing a dog sweater for your dog can help avert the danger of excessive exposure to the sun.

7. Doggie Boots

Doggie boots protect your dog paws from dirt and extremely high temperatures. Its uses are more significant in summer, when almost all material things and concrete absorb heat from sunlight, thereby causing your pet dog to experience discomfort in its paws.

Perfect Dog Clothes Sizes

Following this simple instruction will help you know the exact size to get for your dog pet without mistake(s). The weight of a dog tells a lot about the size of their clothes.

  •  For an Extremely Small Dog

The average weight of an extremely small dog span from 1- 10 lbs., and the height range from 5- 9 inches. Chihuahua, Japanese chin, Papillion, etc., belong to this group of dogs. Their neck size is approximately 5 inches. Their backside is 7 inches. Chest size is 12-13 inches.

  • Small Size Dog

Dogs in this category include; French bulldog, Pekingese, Dachshund, Boston terrier, and Brussels griffon. Their weight is commonly less than 11 lbs. to 26 lbs. and a little less than 16 inches. The neck size is 6 inches, chest size 15 inches, and 9 inches back.

  • Medium Size Dog

This group belongs to a beagle, cocker spaniel, cavalier king, Scottish terrier, Shetland sheepdog, and miniature schnauzer.  The neck, back, and chest are 8 inches, 13 inches, and 19 inches, respectively. They are commonly 18-23 inches tall and 27-42 pounds.

  • Large Size Dog

Large-sized dogs are usually 41-72 lbs. in weight and 28-30 inches in height. Dogs in this category include; white band bull terrier, boxer, English bulldog and Bassett hounds. The neck, back, and chest sizes are 8, 13, and 19 inches, respectively.

Pets have become our closest friends. They need more attention and protection to make them live comfortably. There are several benefits to clothing pet dogs, ranging from health reason to fashion. However, you must ensure that you give them the clothes that suit their health, occasion, weather condition, and age.


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