Who doesn’t love to cool off on a hot day with friends and family to join in the fun? Dogs do, too.

On the other hand, French Bulldogs would love to also if they weren’t stranded with the reduced help from their anatomy and almost endless health issues. But as an owner and friend, there are ways that we can make our friendly doggies join us in our swimming activities.

Our doggy friends are also meant to enjoy swimming like us, and just as it has benefits for us humans, it also has special health benefits for the adorable animals.

French bulldogs may be small and vulnerable, but with our help, they can enjoy the wonderful benefits it brings them.

Importance of swimming together with your Frenchie

Swimming will help you and your Frenchie bond more. The whole exercise and running around will increase the way you relate. Swimming is a form of exercise. It will keep your Frenchie fit and energetic. Swimming is a proper way for your Frenchie to cool off especially during the heat of the day. Since they are not good swimmers, swimming with them will ensure that they are safe and no harm will come to them.


When coming to the pool, ensure your Frenchie is on a leash. This is to prevent him from running off into the side of the pool where you may not want it.

Also, ensure your Frenchie is used to water. Some French bulldogs will run off when they get close to water. Gradually, you should make your Frenchie get used to being around water.

Swimming together

To swim together with your doggy pet, the French bulldog, we should know the harm it could bring to them, and so many protective ways that they can enjoy swimming have been created especially for them and other dogs that have these problems.

The first thing to know about a French bulldog for swimming is its anatomy. Apart from their little bodies and heavy muscular build-up and squashed-up faces, we should know that this anatomy will impede their swimming abilities.

For example, their top body muscles, which are more than the muscles behind them in their hind legs and hips, will stop them from being able to swim properly like most swimmer dogs. Their heavy top body parts will be the reason for their automatic sinking instead of floating when they enter a body of water.

Prevention of this mishap will be to get little dog life jackets or vests which will be worn on the little dogs so that when they enter the water, they would float perfectly and be able to use their legs to kick against the water without sinking. Hence when you ask how to swim together with your French bulldog, you should think of a life jacket.

Another help to get your dog’s enjoying the hot days in the cool water with you would be to make sure that the pool they are in is shallow and allow for the French bulldog’s legs to touch the ground.

This is important as it helps their head tilted high above the water. Not doing this could cause an imbalance in their posture and cause a health problem to kick in. Their anatomy cannot allow for swimming hence using a shallow pool is one of the bailout.

When they are in a little kiddie pool, it will be more fun for them without fearing for their lives to keep their head out of the water and enjoy, at the same time, a good swim. Hence, apart from a life jacket, you could also think of a shallow pool when you are trying to think of how to swim together with your French bulldog.

Finally, another thing you can do is to employ an experienced dog trainer to teach your precious dogs how to swim. As different breeds of the French bulldog are out there and popular, it is fairly easy to get a good trainer who can teach them to swim so that when and if your attention is not on them, they can easily find their way when they seem trapped in a body of water. This can help you, and they enjoy swimming activities without bothering about the lives of your French bulldogs.


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