Generally, dog lovers are always eager to purchase a dog because they find them attractive. But only very few understand what it takes to train a dog. If you are one of such individuals, there is no need to worry.

This article will offer guides on how you could walk your dog on a leash. Dogs can be lovable and calm, but they can also go wild whenever there is an opportunity. That is why it is important to retrain their movement and prevent them from getting hurt. Below are five practical steps to train your dog to walk on a leash.

Step one; Teach your dog to love wearing a leash, by wearing it on them in the house.

This lesson is very important and fundamental because your dog needs to understand that wearing a collar and a leash is not to prevent or restrain them but to keep them close you. Ensure that the collar you are buying for your dog does not make them uncomfortable because that could frustrate the whole process. Also, ensure the length of your leash gives your dog some level of freedom.

Your dog should always love being around you. Once it loves playing and hanging around you with or without a leash, your dog walk experience will become enjoyable. Dogs are smart, and they can easily detect the length of the leash and walk within such a range. Now let’s proceed to step two.

Step two; Teach your dog a sound that means they should return to you.

You could make a sound by clucking your tongue or using stylish name-calling, which your dog understands its meaning. For example, if your dog’s name is “Amerdon,” you could use words like “Amer” by pronouncing it twice with a bit of stress pattern applied when pronouncing it.

Step three: Always reward your dog for obedience.

Everyone loves to be rewarded for a job well done, and so also is your dog. Your dog could learn to comply with the names calling or sound faster by rewarding them whenever they respond, either by rubbing the back or head of your dog or giving them their favourite snacks. It’s a lot of fun, and it helps you bond easily with your dog. Before now, you should have identified what triggers your dog’s nose that is irresistible.

Step four: Practice.

It is often said that practice makes perfect. This is entirely accurate even for dogs. Some dogs fully understand the meaning of every sound they hear from their owner, like seating, barking, running, walking, and other stuff.

Continuous practice helps your dog master this practical skill. It is also essential to practice with the leash on their neck indoors. It helps under the extent to which the leash extends. You can practice within the house first. Then you can use the progress to try it outdoor but within the compound of your house. You can intensify the training by setting distractions within your dog’s pathway.

Step five: Go for a dog’s walk with a leash on their neck.

It is now time to put those lessons learned to the test. Go for a dog walk with your dog, and once you notice they are drawn to something other than yourself, make that sound and watch the feedback. It would amaze you how your dog will respond swiftly. Mind you, at the early stage, there are certain instances where your dog may not respond quickly, but after constant practice and dog walking together, your dog will become accustomed to it even to the point of restraining themselves without you making any sound of any kind.

You can see how interesting it is to train your dog, especially training your dog to do dog walking with a leash on their neck. That’s one of the many things you can teach your dog to do, and with time you both will bond properly and become an expert in dog training. The fun path of this training exercise is that dog learns fast, and as such, you can be done training your dog within a month.


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