Reflective No Pull Harness with Dual Clips

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  • Type:Nylon Reflective Pet Dog Harnesses Vest Soft Flannel Padded No Pull Strap Harness For Walking Training Small Medium Large Dogs
  • Material:Nylon+inner padded flannel
  • 3 Colors available:Black,Rose,Blue
  • Durable and soft for small medium large dogs,e.g.Chihuahua,Yorkie,Poodles,Pitbull,Bulldog,Labrador,Beagle,Boxer,etc.
  • Reflective design,safety control
  • Quick fit,soft handle with black “O”ring
  • Soft flannel padded around front and back strap, very comfortable to wear, fit for autumn orwinter
  • Reflective stiching ,
  • Soft Padded&Ergonomic Design: this dog harness is comfortable to wear, reduce the pressure when you dog is pulling
Customer reviews
16 ratings
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16 reviews for Reflective No Pull Harness with Dual Clips
  • 5 out of 5

    I have bought two of these harnesses for my two dogs and am very satisfied with them!

    Before this, I’ve tried three different types of harnesses for one of my dogs. She has a small head/neck, but is a little thicker around her chest. All 3 of the harnesses I tried have come off her when pulled the wrong way on a walk. This harness has never come off during a walk.

    I leave the harnesses on my dogs all day (take them off at night) and they don’t seem to bother/be too uncomfortable for my dogs. The padding looks like it helps!

    I enjoy the “handle” on the back of the harness which makes it easy to hold onto my dogs if needed. I also like the loop on the front of the harness. I don’t walk my dogs with that loop, but it’s nice to put their dog tags on (I like to have them on in case they ever get out and there usually isn’t a great place for dog tags on a harness.)

  • 5 out of 5

    I have a terrier/whippet mix with a huge chest and a small neck and head. He is an escape artist with most collars and most harnesses don’t fit him well because of his shape—they are too loose around his neck and too tight around his neck and arms. This harness, however, works perfectly for him. He is a little under 20lbs and I purchased a small which fits him perfectly. It doesn’t rub under his arms and it fits tight enough around his chest that I’m not afraid he will get out of it. It is also extremely easy to take on and off and he’s so accustomed to it, he’ll shove his head through it so it’s even less work for me. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend this for any IG, whippet, or greyhound in need of a harness that fits.

  • 5 out of 5

    This is a beautifully designed harness that is unlike any other I’ve ever used or seen. It is not the harness that I use for walking my brilliant, rambunctious, blind dog outdoors — for that I use a standard double-T design — but this harness serves multiple and very important indoor purposes: The design of this harness makes it possible to put it on and take it off without the harness making any contact whatsoever with my boy’s face and ears, and without need for my boy to step in or out of any component of the harness. This makes the product an exceptional pick for a blind dog who naturally frightens easily. The front portion of the harness is very soft and gently padded, and the portion that rests behind my boy’s forelimbs is angled perfectly to avoid any rubbing in the delicate armpit areas. When the correctly-adjusted harness is clasped shut, its fabulous little top handle sits centered and slightly behind the shoulder blades, offering me something very easy to grasp when my boy is about to collide with something. When I abort the collisions, the pressure that has to be exerted by a gentle pull on the handle seems to get distributed over the portion of my boy’s upper body that can most safely bear this slight tug. Of great importance, in addition, is the fact that this type of harness does not lend itself (as other designs often do) to the doggy getting her/his forelimbs trapped in the straps that sit near the neck. For blind dogs, I enthusiastically advocate that pet parents first try the Muffin Halo or similar products that mount a circular bumper around the dog’s head, enabling the dog to collide with objects safely and then redirect her/himself; but for pet parents like me, whose blind dogs cannot sleep comfortably with their bumpers on, or whose blind dogs never adjust happily to a bumper, this harness is a godsend.

  • 5 out of 5

    This has to be the best soft harness I have found thus far for my 3 month old English Bulldog puppy! I bought the medium size for her as she is 23 lbs, and it fits perfect. I have a pile of other harnesses that are sitting on her crate collecting dust. I love the way this harness is so easy to put on (she is so used to it now she actually stands and bows her head so that I can slip it on her, then clip it). She is a very strong puller with a wide, heavy chest and this harness holds up to her tugging. I even use the top loop sometimes to grab her quickly and pull her to me if she gets overly excited. I will be purchasing another one when she grows out of this one, too 🙂

  • 5 out of 5

    This product is exactly what I’ve been searching for. It looks very comfortable for my dog even as he runs and pulls. The soft padding is good quality and keeps my dog comfortable while wearing the harness. I was scared before buying it that it would be too hot for him, but when I got it I was very pleased it is just padding with a soft outer furrish layer, so my Siberian husky does not get hot while wearing it. He loves this harness. Other bigger harnesses we have he hates putting on. This one is light to his frame and with the black color blends in so nicely with him and he looks so good wearing it. This is perfect for late evening walks.

    This harness definitely gets 5 starts for the product and 5 stars for the seller. The seller was super helpful when I needed to change the size of my harness. I will definitely purchase this harness again if we expand our canine family.

  • 5 out of 5

    Love this harness! I bought the pink one a couple of years ago for Sadie (9 lbs.). Not only has it held up well, but it also washes up well. I recently took in a new dog, and I immediately bought Toby (10 lbs.) the blue one. Both dogs are part Shih Tzu and Maltese and wear an x-small. I almost went with the xx-small, but when Sadie’s fur is longer the x-small fits perfectly. Seriously, both dogs have thick fur! The harness is super easy to put on and take off. I wish it wasn’t so difficult finding this style.

  • 5 out of 5

    This style of harness is super comfy on my dog, does not go anywhere near his underarms where it could chaff and irritate him. It’s great for my longer haired puppy because it does not tangle the hair on his chest like most harnesses do. Best of all, the extra loop at the back is design genius. It prevents the harness from shifting around which, again, protects my dog from chaffing, irritation, and tangles. I love it!

  • 5 out of 5

    Very nice harness. Just what I wanted. Soft on inside, nice stitching, reflective, thick but not too thick. Well made. And it’s nice the loop is on the handle cause it moves side to side and doesn’t cause the harness to twist or pull to one side on the dog. Also there is a loop in front too. Doesn’t pull over head easily like a lot of them can when your dog pulls back on you either. Love this thing. Will buy again when he gets bigger too.

    My dog is 4 months. 15 lbs and has a 18 in cheat and 12 in neck. Got the small and it fits perfect

  • 5 out of 5

    I started using this on my other dog, who is also 10 lbs., but she has a different body shape and is barrel-chested. As a result, this harness fits her fantastically, so it’s now hers, haha.
    I RARELY write reviews, but this is the 4th…yes FOURTH harness I’ve purchased in the last month. Either they didn’t fit right, despite careful measuring, or they rubbed too much under the arms, or they did nothing to help deter pulling.

    I have a mastiff puppy- 12 weeks, 38 pounds. I’m fully aware I will have to buy multiple sizes before he is grown, but it will be this one. The tummy strap sits exactly where it should, as does the chest strap. It’s got glorious soft padding (all the others were the raw nylon strap), and the metal hooks, which are front AND rear, appear to be just as strong as any other. My pup seriously was a new dog as soon as we got this one on.

  • 5 out of 5

    Ah ha my little monster you can escape no more! I adopted a schipperke pup about 10 years and didn’t know how clever the bred is at the time. He has a huge backyard to run around in so I don’t take him for walks, but I took him to his last vet visit I nearly lost him to very busy traffic when he easily escaped from an escape proof collar. I didn’t know I was that fast and neither did he. Whew.

    I looked through the harness category on Amazon until my eyes blurred and then I came across the dog harness. I read the reviews and I don’t remember which one hit the mark but I bought one for Willie. Not only does it keep him safely harnessed but it also a great handle that I can grab when he gets to hyper. He’s very quick to “go after” strangers when they come into my home, so I can grab the handle and quickly scoop him up. He loves wearing it too, so it must be comfortable or he try to take it off. He’s a rascal that little monster is.

  • 5 out of 5

    I haven’t been using this harness long yet, just about 4 times, so I can’t speak as to its long-term durability; but I really like it so far. It’s a really soft velvety-terry sort of material, and I love where the two attachment rings are located. I also love that it isn’t overly bulky for the dog and looks like it would be very comfortable, as opposed to some of the small harnesses that just seem “harsh” in their thickness and bulkiness.

    My dog is small, weighing 10 lbs., and has a body shape that’s kind of long and thin; I got the XS, which was the smallest it came in. It is still ever-so-slightly too big. It’s absolutely fine around the chest girth area underneath, but it’s a little too long stretching forward going around the front of the chest, so that area is just a bit loose.

    I got the turquoise blue one, which is a very pretty color.

  • 5 out of 5

    I love these harnesses for my two Mini Schnauzers. I went looking for a new harness after my one slipped out of her previous brand. She can not escape this. I also appreciate that they are padded soft and my little pullers don’t have any bald/ irritated spots from the harness rubbing them. These wash very well and air dry looking like new even after two years of use and washings.. I purchased their puppy size and then their adult size plus a backup for both dogs. They are so durable and wash to like new condition that I am not sure when I will need the back up but I like the reassurance I have it because no other harness worked nearly as well for them. I also love the slip over the head, buckle around the chest design for putting the harness on. The ones that the dogs has to step into is a nightmare because my dogs do the happy dance when it is time to go for a walk and threading their excited moving legs through harness opening was maddening. I hope these are always available.

  • 5 out of 5

    Initially I bought this for my Shih Tzu who has congestive heart failure and a collapsing trachea. It sits low enough so that it does not press on his throat. Probably good for a dog that pulls on lease as well. It is mice for small dogs because it’s soft material but definitely strong, but not stiff. I ended up buying on for all three of our Shih Tzus. It does not stretch, and I’ve thrown them in the washer and air dried, does fine. It has a loop for tags as well. So far they are accurate to size and I highly recommend them for small dogs. Can’t say about big dogs since I only have small dogs.

  • 5 out of 5

    Great! Lots of compliments on it. We use it for a newly adopted 2 year old pit/terrier. We put it on her immediately, using it as her normal collar and she’s had absolutely no problem adjusting to it. It has slowed down on her pulling, making walking much easier. Its also fantastic for meet ups with new dogs and humans as the handle is perfect for keeping any situation under control if need be.

  • 5 out of 5

    This seems to work pretty well. I got it for hiking with my 60lb part-pyrenees dog. We used the size chart and the large seems to fit him almost perfectly. We normally use a standard collar, but I wanted something that was safer for him on various terrain and wouldn’t hold/add too much heat in the warmer climates. It definitely seemed to work well on our last 6 hour adventure. The padding was nice and kept him from having any raw or rubbed areas. It cleaned up just fine after he wore it through a muddy creek and didn’t transfer any color onto his white fur. The quality is pretty good and I like the option to hook the leash on the front or top of the harness.
    He is well leash trained, so I didn’t have any worry about how well this would work for pulling. If you are purchasing this product for “leash training” I would highly encourage you to check the placement of your normal collar first. You want to keep a short leash and have the collar sit high up on the neck- about where the skull and neck meet. That gives you much more control (without choking your dog). Dogs tend to instinctively want to pull against a low collar as well as harnesses.
    I could see how a dog could potentially slip out of this harness, especially if the (non-adjustable) neck area was too large.

  • 5 out of 5

    This is my third harness for my rescue vizsla hound. He is the master at back slipping out of them to try and escape and this one is a lot more secure on him. I would say it’s still possible buuut he hasn’t been able to yet. I love how it’s not chunky yet it holds him in place. And that it’s padded for his skin, since he gets irritated red skin easily. I’ll buy again if it ever gets ruined, this is the one for us! This is a medium and he’s about fifty pounds.

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