The joy of having a Frenchie puppy is indescribable. It goes beyond creating enough time for it, it becomes part of your life. But what do you do when your furry friend doesn’t know that what is seen as a play to them is hurting you? Frenchie as puppies have a lively and playful temperament, and they usually explore and learn about things with their mouths.

Also, what starts as a playful habit in their puppy days could become a severe problem when they are adult dogs. The French Bulldog (Frenchie) is usually not an aggressive breed. They are currently the fourth most popular dogs in the United States and are set to become more popular as time goes by because of how affectionate, playful and friendly they are.

Their playful nature makes nipping at your arm or fingers normal when they are puppies, but it gets to a point where it becomes more hurtful than adorable.

Why Does Your French Bulldog Bite?

A wide variety of factors could be responsible for your Frenchie biting. It could be that they are scared and feeling threatened, or they could be stressed, and the reaction to that is to lash out by biting. It could also be feeling ill, and when this is the case, they are probably irritable intolerant.

On the other hand, the most common scenario is when your Dog is playing with you, and even though it hurts you, they see it as a playful gesture.


How Can You Stop Your Frenchie from Biting?

You must train your Frenchie not to bite human skin. This training should be preferably done when the puppy is still young as it makes it easier to teach your Dog not to bite at this stage than when they become an adult dog.

It is, however, still possible to train the Dog not to bite when they become an adult. These are some helpful steps to take to stop your Frenchie from biting:

  1. Let your Dog Bite on Chewy Toys Rather Than your Hands

Your cute puppy isn’t going to remain a puppy forever, and when he gets older, his canine teeth become sharper such that you would not be able to allow him to chew on or bite your fingers or hands anymore.

You should begin to train them to chew down on toys instead of biting or nibbling your hand or fingers. You would have to ensure that you get your puppy new toys regularly, though, over time, they might get tired of the available toys and come back to their previous toy, which is your hand. You don’t need to purchase a new toy constantly; you can make some and be creative.

  1. Open them Up to Socializing

Make it normal for your puppy to be free and not scared or shy around other people and other animals. This way, your puppy would realize that being around other persons or animals is completely fine and normal.

Your puppy should know that having people around and being with other people and animals is primarily harmless and not a threat to them.

  1. Let Out a Squeal-Like Sound When Bitten

This would startle your puppy. If this happens repeatedly, they would then realize that the action of biting you is inflicting some form of pain on you.

This reaction also occurs when your puppy is playing with other puppies. When they nip on the other puppy, the puppy will let out a squeal when the nip hurts them, and a constant repetition would cause your puppy to stop this action. Over time as your puppy grows, they would stop biting altogether except when necessary.

  1. Don’t React Excitedly When Bitten

You can ignore your puppy whenever they are excited and, in that excitement, comes up to play and nip or bite you. You could decide not to react. Your pet would not like it and would be less likely to come running to you in excitement and bite you again. It goes on to say that reacting excitedly would mean you want more of it.

As fun as the playtime with your Frenchie, it is best to stop the biting when they are still a puppy, so you don’t have issues putting a stop to it when your pet is all grown up.


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