Deciding to own a dog is an entire pro in every sense, but we should also be mindful of the disadvantages we would likely have depending on the breed we get. Not that it would make us regret a thing.

Each animal has its cons that it brings with it when you decide to own a certain breed. You are faced with questions that would pop up suddenly in a state of emergency or our minds when we least expect it or did not even expect it at all.

To avoid things like that, all we have to do is invest our time and energy in researching these special animals’ specialties. It only makes us prepared.

For a small and cute dog like the French bulldog, there are many things to consider. They may seem to not be a hassle, but with their special anatomy and kind, there are just some things we need to lift the rug for. This gives us their pros and cons, which we need to know to let the pooches live as happily as we want them to be.

Pros of Having a French bulldog

  • The first pro about having a Frenchie is that THEY ARE ENTERTAINING. These little bull doggies are as bubbly in personality as you can imagine. You may probably feel alone and decide to get a dog. I say, look into this small furry ball of fun! Once you get them, you forget why you needed them in the first place. Being pleasant, easygoing, and extremely friendly are just the other things with having a good old Frenchie. 
  • The French bulldog is a COMPATIBLE DOG. That expressional face is great to have around, but the Frenchie is also a dog that will do just anything with you. You don’t have to sit in a corner with it till it gives up and joins you to do anything. Did you need a loyal friend with a French bulldog? You’ve got a loyal friend with a French bulldog. Netflix or on a rainy day? It’s sticking right beside you. 
  • They are SMART AND LOYAL. This dog breed may not be the geniuses of the dog world, but they are misunderstood because of their cute faces to be less smart compared to other dog breeds. Whereas these fine pooches will unexpectedly show you some tricks they have up their furry sleeves, and if they seem stubborn, don’t mistake them for being dumb. With them, things are not what they seem. 

Cons of Having a French bulldog

  • What’s the use of making a list of cons when having a doggie friend? Especially a Frenchie friend? They’re all friendly, and tick all your boxes for a perfect match. But wait, just like we have cons, the dogs also have some. French Bulldogs have a downside to living with them. A smelly downside. This dog breed is prone to farting lots of times and is extra smelly. Get a Frenchie and be prepared to have a free fart machine. They may fart and stink up the place but so do we, and that doesn’t make them less of great friends. 
  • French bulldogs are needy and high maintenance. They have a problem with being clingy, especially when you need some alone time and have many health issues. The best way to take care of this is to get your pets from an experienced breeder. 
  • These pooches are expensive. These cute and friendly pets have a price tag that may shock you but rightfully so, if you’re looking for a pet that may take the place of a best friend. 

Now that you know of the pros and cons of having a French bulldog, you will be able to make an informed decision of having a Frenchie. In all, it is perfect and nice to have them around. 


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