Skin problems are problematic both for humans and dogs. And since we care for our dogs so much, we must ensure that all forms of illnesses, including skin troubles, are addressed to help them have a more comfortable life.

Pyoderma simply means ‘pus in the skin’ – although the word makes it scarier than it ought to be. It is a common skin condition, and it appears with infection and several irritations. These infections and irritations can be treated with a variety of methods, and this depends mainly on the causes of the infection.

Causes of Pyoderma

There are several causes of this skin condition, and experts have listed a few that can cause pus in your dog’s skin – pyoderma.

  • ·         Allergies
  • ·         Parasites
  • ·         Bacterial infection
  • ·         Fleas
  • ·         Cushing diseases,
  • ·         Cancers
  • ·         Diabetes

All of these listed above could be the cause of Pyoderma. But the common cause of this skin condition is a bacterial infection, for example, Staphylococcus.

Pyoderma caused by Staph is quite quickly resolved compared to others. They are caused by a one-time life event such as fleas. They are simple and primary care can help resolve this condition.

Other forms of Pyoderma are classified as either superficial or deep. Superficial Pyoderma is caused by bacterial folliculitis. It occurs when the Staph begins to affect the hair follicles and the skin’s surface, referred to as the epidermis. Deep Pyoderma is usually caused by cancer and is less frequent.

Some dog breeds known as pugs are more likely to have skin infections than others. They usually have deep skin folds, a breeding ground for bacteria.

French Bulldog

Also, skin conditions that make your dog’s skin moist will lead to Pyoderma. Broken skin where the blood flow to a particular skin is blocked can also lead to Pyoderma.

Pyoderma in Puppies

Pyoderma presents differently for puppies. It comes as a thin hair-like groin. It makes the hair sticky and soon they become rough and dandy. The broken skin are easily noticeable and can easily be addressed.

Will your dog get Pyoderma from stray dogs?

Dogs cannot get Pyoderma from another dog, although there are exceptions. These exceptions are related to the cause of the skin condition. If it is caused by scabies or any other infectious parasites, then it could be gotten and shared with other dogs.

Signs that your dog has Pyoderma

There are several signs and symptoms of this condition. Hence any disorder on your dog’s skin should be handled with caution and treated adequately.

However, this condition has some classic symptoms:

  • ·         hair loss,
  • ·         dandruff,
  • ·         itching,
  • ·         redness,
  • ·         and skin scaling.

All of these symptoms are very prominent in short-haired dogs. Look out for these signs are early detection is some of the perks of resolving Pyoderma in dogs. If you groom your dog routinely, you will be able to detect any abnormalities early.

How to treat Pyoderma

As mentioned in the introduction, treating Pyoderma is possible especially when the cause is known. Pyoderma caused by Staph infection will be resolved with the right course of antibiotics.

Areas of the skin affected by Pyoderma should be shaved just to assess the damage on the skin and for the proper administration of topical drugs.

You can then wash your dog’s skin with some shampoo. Once this is done, topical agents like Benzoyl Peroxide can be applied in diluted form to help eliminate any parasite present on your dog’s skin. Leave this on the skin for about 10 minutes before you rinse off.

Once your dog has Pyoderma, ensure to begin a once-in-two-day bathing routine until the skin condition is resolved.

Your vet will recommend the kinds of antiseptics to add to your dog’s bathing water and also the right antibiotics for your dog to consume.

How long does it take to recover from Pyoderma?

It will surely take a while for your dog to recover. You should create enough space for your dog with access to enough water and food. Healthy feeding is still needed to help build a robust immune system.

The prognosis of Pyoderma is good as far as it is not without any underlying condition. However, when allergies and another immunocompromising disease cause it, it will take longer for your dog to recover.


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