This is the case of the French bulldog. They are lovely when newly born and also when they get older, they are much more adorable and cute. Hence in this article, we are going to be answering the question – what is the best age to get a French bulldog Puppy?

Pets are an all-around blessing from the heavens that have not just been created to look cute and adorable like they do. So far, like humans, they have been created to be a loyal and loving company to us, and as a duty and reward, we owe them lifelong care and equal loving company.

Dogs need special care

There are many different species of dogs that are perfect for every kind of person. These dogs come into our lives to fill spaces that would leave us being better than we once were. These different breeds of dogs come with their different common behaviors and looks and anatomies that require different spaces and households that can properly take care of them and leave them living the lives we all want dogs to live.

Like us, dogs need special care and attention and, just like us, they deserve the kind of home that they need that caters to them because of their breed, size, age, and behavioral pattern.

A great example of this is the French bulldog specie. This animal is loved all over and is one of the most popular dogs in the US of A, and they just fit the bill for a great companion and roommate. They tick a lot, if not all, of your boxes for the perfect dog partner.

And in return for this loving character, we will consider their health necessities.

Best age to adopt a Frenchie

As much as it is loved and popularized in at least the American family home, the French bulldog has its special needs like every other dog. There are things you need to consider on getting a French bulldog.

Frenchie puppies are adorable and special, you surely can see them, and it would be very tempting to take one home as soon as you do. However, you need to be aware that there are certain ages at which they cannot leave their mother for both health and legal reasons.

As human beings, when we are born, as young as we want our Frenchies to be, we take them home to live with us. We have to stay with our mothers for important and necessary care. Frenchies, among other dogs, are just like this.

We need to consider the ages at which they stay with their mothers so they are fit and ready to leave. Hence the best and most good time that they are perfect for taking to your home is a good eight weeks.

Reason for adopting at 8th weeks

Frenchies have a lot of medical needs especially at birth. There are needs to give vaccines, drugs and other medical attentions to prevent any relapse of illness as it grows.

Also, from birth, there is special kind of food the Frenchie will need. This food will contain all the necessary nutrients the baby Frenchie need to be health and grow quality bones. If this crucial meal is not given to it or cut short for any reason, the Frenchie will have several complications as it grows.

Frenchies are a massive bundle of fun at any age. We have answered the question – what is the best age to get a French bulldog puppy. The two-month or eight-week mark is the perfect age range to bring a Frenchie puppy home. Also, apart from the fact that these pups would be easier to train and adapt to your surroundings, there is the fact that ethical breeders would know a lot to them about their health depending greatly on the kind of pups they are or would be.



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