You decide that you are up for a day out because the day is sunny and warm, and the weather is peachy.

Preferably for a swim.

Your adorable pair of Frenchie want to tag along, and what else would make the day even better than to let them do just that.

You grab your kayak and paddle, dress up for the occasion and make your way over to the small lake close to your home. You grab your phone and take a few pictures of your dogs on the water’s edge.

It’s time to swim.

You jump in and feel the water satisfy you, and then you insist your pooches join you.

NO! Never try to do that. At least, without knowing the basics of Swimming Frenchie 101.

This article will tell you why Frenchies are not a very good swimmer.

Reasons why they can’t swim

You may have seen lots of dogs of different breeds out in the water and doing some awesome skills that they probably have always had. Innately and suddenly, you think your darling little pups may be able to do the same.

The fact is, they can’t, and they are certainly not like other dogs.

Your French bulldogs may be one of the easiest dogs to cater to, and they may be costly on the low maintenance side.

The anatomy of a Frenchie is one important thing you should look into to see if your dog is properly equipped to take up swimming lessons or pose for a photo in the pool.

In general, bulldog breeds possess this feature of anatomy; Brachycephalic is the squashed face factor you notice in their species or breed.

This feature may seem cute and squishy, but in reality, this makes the little animals prone to more health problems than many other breeds of dogs. The short nasal passages make room for many respiratory issues that they may have.

 Other things about their anatomy to know before letting them swim apart from their flat snouts are their bulky torsos, thick muscles, and heavy bones, which aren’t built to float easily in water.

In considering why Frenchie are not good swimmers, there is the factor of exhaustion and humidity, which may affect even the young and slim ones. Although only a few are slim, when they use the pool, they tend to get exhausted very quickly. Hence the need for a live jacket. 


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If you want to enjoy swimming with your dog, you NEED to take many precautions and keep a third eye on your dog as soon as they enter the water. And because of their numerous health challenges, ensure they don’t get any water accidents as you train/teach them to get used to water.

  • The first is consulting a professional dog swimming expert on your dog’s needs if needed.
  • ·You need to invest in proper and quality dog swimming vests for their enjoyment and safety in the water.
  • Make sure that the pools you put them in are NOT deep but shallow, and their heads aren’t tilted upwards too high to avoid the water.
  • If any problems arise whatsoever from water accidents with your swimming Frenchie DO NOT HESITATE to take it or them to the vet to get checked up.

This may be sad news for you but the fact remains that your Frenchie can still swim if you follow the right guidelines. The reason why Frenchie cannot swim are natural and has to do with their anatomy. Hence you will need a lot of patience to be able to ensure that they swim. 


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