Just like how our teeth get brown and have plagues when we do not brush routinely, the same thing happens to dogs. They tend to have unpleasant tastes/odors in their mouth, which will drastically affect their feeding.

Leaving your dog’s dental care to the wind will affect your wallet because you will have to spend so much with the dentist to clean up the plaque and other dental issues that may arise from abandoned oral hygiene.

Thinking about what will happen to your dog’s mouth if you don’t give proper dental care – here’s a short and perfect answer, your dog will develop dental disease.

What is dental disease?

There are lots of common dental diseases. At age 3, more than 80 percent of dogs come down with dental diseases, also known as periodontal diseases. All of which have some very dire consequences. Hence maintaining good dental care is very necessary.

Diseases that affect the gums, teeth, and structures that support the teeth are known as Dental Diseases. These diseases usually begin with a buildup of plaque on the teeth. And because plaques contain bacteria and food particles, they can make the mouth infected.

Once a plaque has stayed on the teeth for a while, it begins to harden and forms tartar. Although this can be removed by the dentists, especially when it is above the gum line, it is better to prevent it from getting tarred by regular training.

Tartar that is situated below the gum can cause inflammation and this will not only damage the structures supporting the teeth but can be a significant problem when it leads to infection and lead severe pain for the dog.

Why dental care is important

As a dog parent, you need to ensure your dog has a healthy mouth. Here are some reasons why your dog’s dental care is essential.

  • Prevent tooth loss

If the structure affecting your dog’s teeth is damaged or infected, the teeth will loosen and can make it fall off. This can create some several pain for your dog. Good dental care for your dog will ensure that these supporting structures remain healthy and keep the tooth firm.

Of course, this is a build-up from months of abandoned oral care. To prevent it from getting to this stage, a weekly routine care is paramount.

  • Prevent bad breath

A bad breath for a dog will make you want the dog out of your presence at every chance you get. It can be some embarrassment for you. Bad breath won’t be a problem when your dog has excellent dental hygiene.

While you are tackling the issue of bad breath with routine brushing, you can use dental sprays to reduce the occurrence of bad breath.

  • Oral pain

Dental diseases can lead to severe pain, especially when it is severe. It is excruciating for dogs and can reduce their appetite leading to further complicated health issues. Helping your dog have good oral hygiene will prevent oral pain.

  • Organ damage prevention

When bacteria multiply in an unkempt oral cavity, they can enter the bloodstream, and when this happens, it further leads to end-organ damage like the kidney, liver, and heart. Good oral hygiene will prevent the spread of bacteria and subsequent organ damage.

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Dental Hygiene routine

Honestly, dental and oral hygiene are little things that can be easily forgotten, especially for our dogs. Hence, we should follow a routine to help give our dogs the best.

Brush your dog’s teeth at least twice a week. You can use toothpaste that is well suited for dogs. Please speak to your vet, he will recommend a healthy toothpaste for your dog.

Once in a while, like once a week, give your dog dental treats. Many dogs do not like being brushed. Hence using dental treats will be a perfect option.

Get dental toys for your dogs. Many toys can help your dog’s oral hygiene remain top-notch. These toys will help your dog get a fresh breath as they can chew on it for as long as they want.

Oral hygiene for both dogs and humans is a must. If ignored, it can lead to several health issues that may cost a lot to fix. Follow a convenient routine to give your dog a proper cleanup to prevent oral disease.


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